Around Helnessund

Batteri Dietl
Batteri Dietl (Engeløya, Steigen)
Europe's largest coastal fort from the war, strategically placed by the Germans in order to cover the entrance to Narvik. The fort is definetly worth a visit.

One of the bunkers houses a museum, and it is possible to get an interesting guided tour through the plant.

Sagaspillet Vollmoen SteigenVollmoen - The iron age chieftan 's land (Engeløya, Steigen)
Many ruins and burial mounds testify that this was the Iron Age chieftan's rule. A walk along the "oltidsveien" gives a strong sense of history. It is so one can feel the Iron Age chieftain breathing you in the neck.

Every other year, you can experience the Steigen Sagaplay - a comprehensive open-air theater in Vollmoen amphitheater, which portrays the dramatic love story of Hagbart and Signe. The next play is scheduled for July 2013.
Hamsun Barndomshjem

Knut Hamsun's Hamarøy
Neighboring municipality Hamarøy is the childhood home of Knut Hamsun - one of the world's most famous writers of all time, and winner of the Nobel litterature price.

Here you can visit Hamsun's childhood home and get a feel for the environment that inspired him to several of his works

HamsunsenteretThe Hamsun Centeret (Hamarøy)
The new Hamsun Center, officially opened by HRH Mette Marit in August 2009, is a must to visit both for its content and its architectural design.

From Helnessund, you can rent a car to visit the Hamsun Centre (approx. 2,5 hours drive). 
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