Helnessund in Steigen

Helnessund is a genuin fishing village with just over 400 recidents, in the south side of Steigen  - easily available from Bodø, the capital of Nordland County. in Nordland County. 

Surrounded by spectacular landscape, and with a wide variety of unique nature and culture to experience, it is safe to say that Helnessund is among the best Northern Norway has to offer. 

The great fishing conditions around Helnessund has been the foundation for generations of fish inustry in Steigen, and in recent years - also made Helnessund a popular tourist destination.   

Outside the fishing industry, the little society in and around Helnessund has its own school, kindergarten, church, grocery store, gas station with car rental, hair dresser and cafe / pub. The express boat makes it easy to go shopping in Bodø when the city-nees calls.   
Sjarkfisker Helnessund

Steigen Seafood is based in Helnessund and i,s with its satelite stations, the only fish factory between Bodø and Lofoten. The factory provides the local fishermen in these areas with the opportunity to deliver fish in this coast zone all year, and is an important contributor to the local society.  

Steigen Seafood sells fresh fish, salted fish and dried fish, and the majority of the catch is exported. The high season is in march - april, but with a vast range of species there is alwayw something in season. In 2011 the factory sold just over 1 200 tons of fish.


Near by Helnessund you will find Brennviksanden - a one kilometer long sand beach in Brennvika, surrounded by the typical steep mountains of Nordland.

A popular haunt for locals and visitors throughout the summer season, and a great base for kiting and surfing in the fall.

Brennviksanden is also the starting point for many mountain hike routs, whith spectacular viewpoints that will tak you breath away.

Kystfolkets Helg i Helnessund

In late July you can experience "the coastpeople's weekend" in Helnessund, a traditional village festival with a marketplace, whalemeat barbeque and other local seafood specialities,  pier dancing and activities and competitions for both children, youths and adults. A visit here is highly recommended for anyone interested in a vibrant coastal society.

Each year the festival opens on friday with an opera-pub in the old dock-house "Gammelbrygga", where 3-4 profesional opera singers performs their favourit peaces for more than 100 specktators.

In 2012 the festival is being held on the weekend 20. - 21. juli.

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