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For booking at Helnessund Brygger, you may use the following channels:
-          Use our Online Booking
-          Call us at: +47 47 67 82 77  
-          Send an e-mail to: post(a), or by using the contact form to the right.

After your booking is registred, you will receive the reservation details on e-mail. In the e-mail you will also find a link to our PayPal payment solution to make the 25 % advance payment. This advance payment is your way of confirming your booking. If the advance payment is not registred the registration will be cancelled after 1 week (or agreed time frame).

The remaining 75 % can be payed upon arrival, or you can request an invoice if you wish to pay before you arrive. We accept most payment cards / credit cards.

PS: When using our online booking, the pay 25 % advance payment is made during the online booking procedure. Here, you may also choose to pay 100 % in advance if you prefer.

Cancelling / changing your booking

All chanage and cancellation of bookings in Helnessund Brygger myst be made by phone or e-mail.

If you cancel before 2 months prior to arrival, all the advance payment will be refunded. For cancellations made later than 2 months prior to arrival, the advance payment will not be refunded. 

You may change the time for your stay until 2 weeks prior to arrival, if there is free capacity. However - changes reducing the booking value significantly may be treated as a cancellation.

Check-in / check-out

Your accomodation is ready for check-in at 1400 on your arrival day. Check-out on the departure day is at 1200, if nothing else has been agreed.
Contact us if you wish to alter the times for check-in / check-out.

Smoking is not permitted in any of our rooms / common areas indoors.

Preparations before departure: 
-          Wash and replace the dishes (shared kitchen - place the dishes in the dishwasher after each use - start dishwasher when needed).
-          Take garbage to the container by the docks. 
-          Lock the room - leave the room key in the door.

End cleaning, bed linnen and towels is included in the price.

Boat rental

The rental boats will be ready for you at 1600 at the latest on the first day of the rental period. The boats are delivered in clean condition and with a full tank + reserve tank of gazoline. The boats are to be returned at 1400 on the last day of the rental period, in the same condition.

You must be at least 18 yers to rent our boats, and you need to have experience with driving a boat at sea.

You will sign a declaration upon receiving the boat, confirming that you are qualified to drive the boat - and that you will follow the regulations set for your safety at sea.

Any use of the boat under influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden, and will be reported to the police. In such cases the boat rental will be cancelled immediately, whithout any rent refund.

You pay a deposit of NOK 1 000,- pr. boat, which will be returned to you upon reception of the boat in the same, good condition.

Insurance of the boat is included in the rent, but the user is responsible for damages up to the amount of NOK 8 000,- (to be settled on sight). You may buy extra insurance for NOK 200,- pr. boat, to limit your responsibility to NOK 2 000,-.

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