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We have 8 boats for rent for those who like to go fishing, or exploring the archipelago on their own. 

Type Øien 17,5 feet with Yamaha outboard engines, el.start and tilt/trim incl. sonar, GPS and plotter (Garmin GPS Map 178C). The boats are steady and easy to manouver.  

6 boats have  40 hp Yamaha outboard engine, mod 2011 / 2012.
2 boats have  30 hk Yamaha outboard engine, mod 2009 / 2010

Our boats are primarily rented out to Guests at Helnessund Brygger.

See terms for boat rental here. 

Utleie av flytedresser og fiskestang

Even on nice summer days, there might be cold at sea in open boats. We recommend that you allways wear a fishing suit, which will keep you warm and keep you floating if you should fall over board. You can rent fishing suits with us.

Our Regatta Sportline 954 suits are comfortable and light, with N50 floatation and good ventilation. The suits protects against cooling in an emergency, and is designed for optimal visability. The suit is wind-proof and water repellient.

Boots and gloves are not included in the suit.

Other equipment for rent:
- Sea Fishing Rods: Ron Thompson Steel Stilk Pro / 198, with Okuma classic XT reel.
- Lures - limited selection of regular types / sizes. 
- Life-wests
- Crab-fishing gear
- Bicycles - 2 solid bikes with carriage. 

Online Bookinig - select other equipment for rent after you have selected room.
Remember to add information regarding your size (suit) etc. in the field for "estimated time of arrival" under "registration".

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