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Utforsk skjærgårdenOur rental boats is well suited for exploring the numerous islands in the archipelago around Steigen and Helnessund. 

Just outside the Helnessund Pier, you will find yourself in between the sandy islands, hver the corall sand makes the beaches white and the water light green. 

The sandy islands provides a tropical experience right here in our arctic waters, and is a great place for a day at the beach or for free-diving.
Strandhogg med fersk fisk ved Husøyvær

You will find a large number of island groups, sounds and bays, and several nice places to go ashore to prepare the catch of the day in its right environment. Watch the vast bird life, and be impressed by the mighty sea-eagle, and there is also a fair chance to see a whale or a seal.

The picture on the left is from "Husøyvær", where a fish-liking explorer and his dog are finishing of the fresh, self-caught fish meal on a nice summer day.

Grøtøy SteigenWe can also arrange for guided safari of the archipelago, where you will see and hear the stories from the most interesting places surrounding Helnessund. This tour will providt a better understanding of Steigens history, and how Helnessund has developed into what it is today.  

We use a sertified Saltenguide, who is born and raised in Helnessund. We are also cooperating with several other guides with high knowledge about the Steigen, the culture and the surrounding nature.  

The old trading place Grøtøy is of particular interest for many. Grøtøy is well preserved, and tells an interesting story from Hamsuns days, when this was one of the most trafficated trading places along the Nordland coast.

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