Sea Eagle

Havørn svev
In Helnessund you are among the worlds largest populations of Sea Eagles (white tailed eagles). 

This majestic predator is often observed hovering over our facilities in Helnessund, hunting its pray og fighting off sea-gulls and crows trying to protect their nests from this highly unwelcome guest.
Havørn fisk

For those who know where it lives, it is possible to lure out the sea-eagle with a tempting fish meal. Keep the camera ready when the eagle makes the dive - this is a real Kodak moment.

You are very likely to see the sea-eagle during a stay in Helnessund, Steigen.  

Merking av havørnunger

We are cooperating with local sea-eagle expert Åsmund Gylseth, who also is responsible for the eagle-preservation in the whole region.  

Join Åsmund on a sea-eagle safari, and you are almost guaranteed spectacular close encounters with this amazing bird, as well as aquiring a new understanding of its life and beeings.

We can also arrange for interesting lectures about the sea-eagles for groups.

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