Sea Fishing

Storfangst v. fyret

Helnessund is a mecca for sea fishing, situated in the middle of the "Westfjord" just south of Lofoten. Chances are good you may catch large cod, pollock, halibut, monkfish and several other species.

Our location gives the fishermen easy access both to the open sea, and to the fjords when the weather or the fishing conditions suggests these waters.

Rekord 212 kg

In august 2009 Helnessund got a word record, as the largest halibut ever to be caught by fishing pole was landed by one of our guests. 

The fish weighed 212 kilos, and had to be towed back to the docks before it could be lifted on shore by crane. This incident received alot of media attention, and is still an important reason for many of our guests to "look to Helnessund" for their fishing holliday.

The record was beaten in 2011, but if you - as our guest - should be so lucky to catch a new record fish here in Helnessund, we will refund all of your expenses for accomodation and boat rental as a reward.

Havfiske med sjarkfisker

With us you can either rent a boat and fishing eqipment to go fishing on your own, or you can book on of the local fishermen to take you to their favourit shallows in their fishermans wessel. 

Either way, you are in for a great fishing experience - with almost guaranteed big catch.


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See video from sea-fishing guest Hoptjohei:
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