Fisherman for a day

Hyre i Helnessund

Perfect for groups who wish a unique experience!

"Fisherman for a day" is the result of a unique coorperation between Helnessund Brygger and Steigens local fishermen.

Sign on as crew, and experience a day as a fisherman. You will learn alot about one of the countrys oldest professions, and get an experience you will remember for a long time.


Veiledning av filetering - Hyre i Helnessund

Each of the smaller wessels have a capacity of uptil 4 guests on board, while the larger can fit uptil 6-7 persons. Everyone gets to participate actively, to get the most out of the "workday". We are cooperating with around 10 fishermen, thus we have the capacity for larger groups in most periods of the year.

The catch belong to the fisherman, and you can also help in delivering it to the fish factory. You are also welcome to buy as much as you want for a favorable cost-price. The fisherman will teach you about preparing the fish. 

We can also arrange for cooking courses, where you learn and prepare the evening dinner based on the catch you helped bring out of the sea or other fresh seafood. 

Fisherman for a day is available in most seasons: 

What kind of fishing you sign on for depends on the season, and which fisherman who is available.
The typical activity in each season is presented below: 

March – May 10th:

Cod (Skrei) – mainly by net. Large amounts of cod come into Steigen to spawn. The 2011-seson was the best spawning-season in more than 50 years, and hopefully this positive trend will continue. A fishermans adventure - join in!

May 10th. - July:

The fish factory is closed for the summer, and the profesional fishermen are inactive. The fishermen are, however, more than happy to take you fishing to their favourit shallows, and to teach you the "tricks of the trade". Aften a day of guided fishing you should be in good shape to get the most out of the remaining days of fishing on your own.  

August – September:

Pollock, halibut, haddoc, redfish - line and net: Espesially the large pollock invade the fjords and attract fishermen from all over the region. The halibut-fishing is also closing in to its peak-season, and the likelyhood of the big catch is high.

October – December:

Halibut, haddoc, ... - mostly net, but some line fishing: Peak season for halibut fishing. The nets are set at uptil 400 meters depth and the catch is usually most satisfying. In addition to getting a unique experience, you can aquire very reasonable fresh, self-caught halibut for christmas - and you may even get a halibuts head or two as well (a real treat).

January – February:

Halibut, pollock, haddoc - line and net: A period with lots of weather and little sunlight, but with other spectacular lightforms that just may take your breath away. The archipelago around Steigen provides good shelter from most wind directions, even on windy days. The wessels are equipped with modern gear, and the fishing continues into the evening en "complete darkness". 

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