Helnes Village Centre
Helnes Grendesenter
Helnes Village Centre is the main building in Helnessund, and houses car rental, gazoline station, grocery store, hair dresser, cafè / pub - and accomodation. 

The building is originally from 1927, but has been added on several times since then. Located right by the docks, with the fish factory next door wich gives an interesting insight into the living coastal culture in Helnessund.

All guests living in the Village Centre ejoys free accwess to Wi-Fi.  

To see pictures and get descriptions of each of the rooms, start the online booking process. Here you will find a presentation of each available room in your search.
Apartment 301 - 304: The BirdRock ("Fugleberget")

The "old section" is on the second floor, and have 3 two-beds- and 1 fourbeds apartments. All with private bathroom and mini-kitchen.

The apartments is named after birds species hovering above Helnessund; The Cormorant, the Crow, The big Gull and the Sea-Eagle. 

From here you also have access to the Steering Pit; a 50 sqm terrace / winter garden with spectacular view of the ocean and the Lofoten mountains in the horizon. 
Kjøkken og spiserom Barentshavet
Room 201 - 205: Barents Sea

New, modern twin rooms, where room 205 can be made for 3 persons. All rooms have private bathrooms, and access to a shared, fully equipped kithcen and dining room. Small refridgirators in all rooms. 

The rooms are named after common fish species svimming in the Helnessund waters: Cod, Monkfish, Herring, Catfish and Halibut.  

Rom 224
Room 221 - 224: Fishing fleet

New and modern twin rooms, where room 224 can be made for 3 persons. All rooms have private bathrooms and access to shared, fully equipped kitchen and diningroom with sea view. Small refridgirators in all rooms.  

The rooms are named after old fishing wessels who were fishing the Helnessund waters in the old days: : MK Helnessund, MK Kvitberg, MK Utflæsa og MK Reholm. 
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